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Tala Faris is the owner of The Pink Elephant Space; a dream which became a reality in 2015. Tala started her spiritual journey as a practitioner. Where she used yoga as a tool to help her cope with the stresses of her corporate career. In 2014, she decided to go for her Yoga Teacher Training  as well as Crystal Healing certification in Thailand in order to work on her own practice, She fell in love with the Therapeutic Healing aspect of Yoga and has been instructing ever since. Tala is certified in Pre and Post Natal Yoga; which is has become her passion and focus.

2019 Tala became certified as a Breastfeeding counselor ​and aims to combine her knowledge of prenatal yoga with the breast feeding knowledge to assist her students in being holistically moderate mama's as well as assist them in any breast feeding issues they may encounter.

Using The Pink Elephant Space Tala aims to bring together amazing healers, instructors as well as coaches to cater for peoples various needs. 

Join Tala's Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga classes by clicking the link below

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