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The Pink Elephant Space is a space for women of all ages; to help discover & pick what they need to find happiness, clarity, peace in their personal journey. This space provides women with tools to moderately cope with the daily stresses of life especially during pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, adolescence and menopause.​

We specialize in providing woman with a holistic and moderate approach to pregnancy, postnatal recovery, mom & baby connection, puberty and menopause; through yoga; (pre & post natal), mom & baby yoga , meditation, nutrition as well as various holistic approaches.


We offer prenatal & postnatal exercise programs, yoga classes, nutritional advice, holistic organic products and much more. If you are looking to connect with a community of women and experts going through the same things then The Pink Elephant Space is yours to enjoy.


Join our various  courses/classes and workshops which take place

in different locations in Amman. As well as our online community


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