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Tala Faris is the owner of The Pink Elephant Space; a dream which became a reality in 2015. Tala started her spiritual journey as a practitioner. Where she used yoga as a tool to help her cope with the stresses of her corporate career. In 2014, she decided to go for her Yoga Teacher Training  as well as Crystal Healing in Thailand in order to work on her own practice, She fell in love with the Therapeutic Healing aspect of Yoga and has been instructing ever since. Tala is also certified in Pre and Post Natal Yoga; which is has become her passion.

Using The Pink Elephant Space Tala aims to bring together amazing healers, instructors as well as coaches to cater for peoples various needs. 

Join Tala's Prenatal or Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes by clicking the link below

VANESSA NELSON Prenatal/Postnatal Barre

Vanessa’s has a B.F.A. in graphic design, but has always loved exercise and being with people. While designing, she dreamt of how she could help other women move, sweat and pursue health in the most holistic way.

Her journey with barre began while she was pregnant and looking for a great way to stay strong and engerized with her growing baby.

She found exactly that through BarrebyCarrie and hasn’t looked back. It was transformational enough to make a career change.

She received specialized training in barre and became ACE certified as a GX Instructor at the American Council on Exercise (ACE). In 2017, she furthured her studies and became a Behavior Change Specialist with ACE. Her hope is for everyone to know their true identity and potential to make the necessary or deeply desired changes in their life.

Pregant women and new moms should have limitless support and resources as they pursue health and wellness. Vanessa hopes to leave her clients energized, hopeful, happy they pursued self-care and ready to be their healthiest selves with the world!

Vanessa loves her life as an expat in Amman and learning daily about Arab culture, discovering new places of art, music, and food. Especially food!

Her style of teaching more on the meditative side. Conscious movements, body- and breath awareness flow through her classes to settle our busy minds.

She also likes to bring some theory into her classes and connect to the traditional way of Yoga.

Randa- 5Rhythms Certified Sweat Spaceholder & Holistic Healer/Councilor

Randa Aburayyan is a Mom, Wife, Architect, Holistic Healer & 5Rhythms Certified Sweat Spaceholder

After 28 years of working as a Design Architect, she recently chose to “retire” from the day to day work and became a Certified Holistic Healer/Councilor from the Munira Nusseibeh School of Holistic Studies. in June 2015 after 4years of intensive study and self-healing. She rediscovered that healing is through the wound itself by reconnecting with our true inner core and dynamic essence.

In December 2015, she also became a 5Rhythms Certified Sweat Spaceholder, following her passion for dance. The 5Rhythms® is a dance practice of movement meditation through rhythmic music waves.


Join Randa every Tuesday in a healing “Sweat” dance session and/or book an Private Energy Healing session with.


The minute she walked into her first yoga class back in 2004 she knew she had found her passion in life.
Through her classes Carla aims  to spread awareness of the numerous benefits of yoga for the mind, body and soul.

Her main goal is to guide her students through yoga beyond the physical aspect and towards spiritual growth and inner peace. For her, yoga is an amazing tool for people to get in touch with their better selves which will reflect on their relationship with others and the universe.

Carla's Classes are a combination of Vinyasa & Hatha.. a strong well structured class.

Nour Taher - Kids Yoga Instructor

A working professional, a certified kids yoga teacher, and a social activist in between (her parents used to tell her she could be whoever and whatever she wanted when she grows up, so she took it quite literally).  Nour is passionately thriving to make the world a better place, one peaceful kid at a time. 


At age 15, she had her first anxiety attack. Over the years the attacks become more frequent and she has come to accept it as part of who she is; a worrier. Until one day she changed one little thing and turned the “O” into an “A”; going from a worrier to a warrior hence becoming a yogi ever after (@yogieverafter). Being a big believer of karma yoga, she has launched her “from kids to kids” initiative, in which she gives back a percentage of her proceeds to support kids’ non-profit organizations. 

Alessia - Certified Baby-Wearing Educator

A Mother of two; soul mate of a rock-solid weaver; in ever-lasting change and personal growth. With a background on the humanitarian and development context, at present Alessia is nurturing her skills to support parents on finding their way to raise confident, independent, sensitive to others… and happy children!


"I see PARENTING as an art: there is no right or wrong; do and don’t. Each parent has needs; parents as a couple have needs; the baby has needs. They all matter. We change in every present moment; and in every present moment, there is something different alive in us. I would like to accompany parents in this journey, to see the beauty of what is alive in us in the “now”, connect with those needs and embrace this vulnerability.

Through empathy and coaching sessions, I support parents-to-be in welcoming a new life, in the transition from being a couple to being a family, or in adjusting to new sibling. There are no techniques, no magic tricks, no rules, no good or bad. There are connections that keep us alive. With a peer-to-peer approach, I can support you on weaving those connections and accompany you through the borderless and timeless art of PARENTING. "

Alessia will be conducting baby wearing workshops as well as private consultations

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01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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